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The Method


The teaching method of “Italian Language and Culture Centre – SEMA” is mainly based on communication supported by grammar elements and consists of the transmission of linguistic structures through reading and listening activities, games, songs, discussions, ideas exchange, etc… This teaching methodology encourages the students' active approach, stimulating the creative part of their brain. Various exercises and activities will alternate in order to avoid monotony and prevent the students' physiological decrease of concentration. Also the teachers will alternate during the morning in order to contribute to the variety of the lessons and enrich them with their own unique teaching styles.

Our method is focused on students: their suggestions and wishes about the development of the lessons will be welcomed, evaluated and realized if considered appropriate. The teachers will take in consideration the specific interests of the students as much as possible: learning a foreign language is easier and more pleasant when students are stimulated by the subject.

The most profitable learning point rises from the true will to communicate something. That’s why it’s important to create situations in which students can exchange information and opinions starting from their own interests. The learning atmosphere will be simple and comfortable; the teacher is a reference point and a guide but also a workmate who assists the students and listens to them not only during the lessons but also outside the classroom.

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Price reduction of the 10% to university students for all its language courses SEMA offers scholarships:ask your university or contact us for any further information




A new and very enjoyable way to study Italian combinig it with a culinary or an handcraft course!


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