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Who we are

The Italian Language Centre SEMA arises from the collaboration of high qualified teachers who have a long experience in teaching Italian as second language. The school is situated between Portofino and Cinque Terre, in an extraordinary beautiful landscape, full of traditions and culture.

Our goal is to incline foreigners towards Italian language and culture, promoting the peculiar values of Ligurian region. The staff, very keen on teaching our country’s language and culture, will be glad to welcome you in a friendly and cosy atmosphere, where you will feel at home and where you will immerse yourself in the authentic spirit of a real Italian experience.

The teacher and coordinator Lorenza De Caro

Graduated in Humanities and Modern Languages and Literatures, attended a Master in International Culture Management at the University of Genoa and took the DITALS exam (II level). She taught Italian as second language at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität of Mainz, at the Italian Culture Institute of Frankfurt and in many other institutes in Italy and abroad. Languages: english, german, spanish, modern greek.

Where we are

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